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With the consumption of on-demand video increasing daily, the entertainment industry is using an increasing amount of bandwidth to deliver high-quality video to connected devices. HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265, the successor to AVC/H.264, is the latest video compression standard that provides a dramatic reduction in bitrates – while delivering the same visual quality – of up to 50 percent. HEVC reduces the bandwidth requirements of entertainment services and enables higher quality experiences in lower bandwidth environments like mobile networks.

Our end-to-end HEVC solution encompasses everything businesses need to support HEVC in their devices or entertainment services: HEVC content creation, protected distribution and multi-screen playback, accelerating adoption of HEVC across the entire video distribution chain.

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To learn more about HEVC, you can download our Free HEVC Whitepaper or contact us to discuss our solutions. In addition, you can download our Free HEVC Software to create and play back HEVC video today.